The MaxiMoM, OptiMoM, DoMINO, and microDoMINO programs fund neonatal and postdoctoral research fellows, graduate students and undergraduate summer students. They provide an opportunity for interprofessional education and combine clinical and research training.

Graduate Students

  • Michelle Asbury, focus: breastmilk and gut microbiome

  • Joan Brennan-Donnan (former), focus: breastfeeding characteristics

  • Sara DiLauro (former), focus: breastmilk and chylothorax

  • Jane Francis (former), focus: post-discharge feeding practices

  • Lauren LeMay-Nedjelski, focus: breastmilk microbiome

  • Yunnie Luk (former), focus: in-hospital growth

  • Meghan McGee, focus (former): early feeding and body composition

  • Dawn Ng (former), focus: in-hospital nutrient intake

  • Michael Pitino, focus: donor milk pasteurization

  • Terry Sa, focus: antibiotics and gut microbiome

  • Julie Sato, focus: early feeding and brain development

  • Sara Shama, focus (former): VLBW infant protein intake

  • Susan Trang (former), focus: health economics


  • Marina Castro (former), focus: donor milk macronutrients

  • Amir El Makkawi (former), focus: donor milk colonization

  • Kathryn Hopperton, focus: fatty acids and neurodevelopment

  • Abu Ismail (former), focus: growth and neurodevelopment

  • Phoebe Kigozi (former), focus: VLBW infant metabolic response

  • Julia Panczuk (former), focus: gut inflammation

  • Kathryn Walton, focus: feeding practices in VLBW children

  • Amelia Xu, focus: breastmilk and epigenetics