The MaxiMoM program places Canadian researchers at the forefront of neonatal research


The longstanding successful partnership of Drs. O’Connor and Unger has resulted in a their well-proven efficacy of translating research results into measurable improvements in clinical practice and has established them as internationally recognized experts in the field of neonatal nutrition.

The unique interdisciplinary team of researchers, clinicians and policy makers is committed to evaluate and translate into policy very promising nutritional strategies that have a high likelihood of impacting the survival as well as short- and long-term health outcomes of VLBW infants. 

Our collaborators come from a consortium of 23 NICUs representing ~40% of all Canadian VLBW infants born annually.  This established network provides the opportunity for a large number of VLBW infants to participate in the various programs of research.  

The core research team and laboratories are part of the SickKids Research Institute.  Our dedicated staff play critical roles in maintaining the daily management of the clinical trials and laboratory work.

A rich learning environment for trainees with a range of experiences is provided through formal academic programs, webinars, patient rounds, a neonatal nutrition short-course, and research skills and career planning workshops.